Vision 116 PE

Vision 116 PE

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Informatie en specificaties

Hoogte:116 cm
Breedte:144,5 cm
Diepte:59 cm
Gewicht:190 kg
Afwerking:Zwart Hoogglans

Vision 116

In step with the times. The Vision 116 is characterized by a sparkling, homogeneous tone and notably mature sound. Like all uprights in the 116 class, the Vision features the unique "SAUTER spherical concavity®" in the sound board to ensure a well-balanced tonal palette. The mountain spruce tonewood is particularly stable and at the same time highly elastic, guaranteeing a broad tonal spectrum. The steel reinforcing frame prevents any distortion of the keyboard.

The harmonization of keyboard action and mechanism is optimized and makes it even easier to play the instrument. At the same time, the enlarged hammer heads deliver an even more powerful sound, which supports the touch in perfect harmony with the piano. Shadow gaps at all joints give the Vision 116 its clarity, which contrasts with the rounded cabinetry.

Exclusive details: Grip plate, fittings, pedals and double casters in bright chrome or brushed nickel to accentuate the cabinetry. Damping pedal.